Tournaments and Leagues Being Enjoyed by More Online Casino Players

September 10, 2014

Online tournaments and leagues are proving extremely popular with online players, prompting many online casinos to consider offering the feature. The events have proven not only exciting for the added chance to win some great cash prizes and rewards, but also for providing a novel new way to play pokies and other games online, which have traditionally remained solely single-player affairs since online casinos first opened their virtual doors two decades ago.

One such event is the International Slots League run by a collection of online casinos running Microgaming software. From the online casino’s software program, players can navigate to the tournaments tab under games where they’ll be presented with a wide range of tournaments of varying entry fees, types, and number of players. These tournaments can include Scheduled Tournaments, which can also include freerolls run by the online casino, giving players a free chance to win some real money, as well as Sit ’n Go Tournaments, Extender Tournaments, One-Shot Tournaments, Reloader Tournaments, and Survivor Tournaments.

The latter, Survivor Tournaments, are a relatively new addition, and feature multiple rounds of play, with cuts being made from the lowest scoring players after each round. Scores get reset each round, so it’s not a matter of being consistently excellent to have a chance to win, but rather being consistently good enough to survive the cuts and keep advancing through the rounds. These tournaments often have large fields, and players who survive until the end and finish in the top 10 or so usually win prizes.

Players create an alias when they enter a tournament or league for the first time, and this same alias is used through any Microgaming online casino, so other players know who you are. Being able to play against other players in real time and compete in small and large events has brought a whole new level of excitement to online casinos, and it’s no wonder others are beginning to hope on the bandwagon.

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