Microgaming Preparing Game of Thrones Pokie

August 14, 2014

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones (and who isn’t?), chances are you’re going to be pretty excited about the fact that Microgaming, the best online casino game developer in the world, and one that has developed hit games based on countless other licensed franchises, has turned their attentions to George R.R Martin’s fictional realm of Westeros. The company plans to release a new high-quality video slot game based on the hit book and television franchise sometime later this year.

Not many details have been divulged yet about the slot’s features, nor which of the series’ iconic characters or images will grace the upcoming slot. In fact there’s so many that many fans will undoubtedly be disappointed with some of the inevitable omissions. Just imagine all of the possibilities. There’s the evil King Joffrey, who everyone loved to hate. The Iron Throne he sat upon as king, the most desired object in the realms for the power it symbolizing. There’s Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon children, each of which could also justifiably make appearances in the game. There’s Jon Snow and The Wall he patrols as one of the Men of the Night’s Watch, which would also make great symbols. There’s Arya Stark, the small, slender child training to be a killer, perhaps the most beloved character in the series. There’s The Imp, Tyrion Lannister, the only other character who could likely rival Arya in popularity. There’s Bran and Sansa Stark, direwolves, The Hound, The Red Viper, Stannis Baratheon, The Red Woman, Queen Cersei, and many, many more. One can’t envy the difficult task Microgaming will have in choosing which characters and images to portray.

Roger Raatgever, Microgaming CEO had this to say about the in-development title, “Game of Thrones [is] a highly relevant and extremely popular show. We plan on taking all of the features of the small screen fantasy epic to create a masterpiece of a slot.” We can’t wait.

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