Elray Gaming Releases Virtual Horse Rasing Simulator

August 9, 2014

Elray Gaming, which has offices in Sydney as well as several other major global cities, recently launched their newest product, SimVRacing, a virtual horse racing simulator with races running every four minutes from four different virtual tracks. While SimVRacing does not currently have a real money betting option, it’s something the company plans to implement in the future, citing the huge potential for such a product within the NZ$39 billion online gambling industry.

With the site having just launched,many of the features are not yet fully released, including the ability to study the statistics and other information on all of the virtual horses and trainers in the game, to help with your virtual handicapping. Players can begin testing the site out though by creating an account and wagering with virtual currency on the races, provided they download the Simracer Viewer, which is required to watch the races. Each of the races lasts about the length of a real horse race, depending on the length of the race, and leaves time afterwards to study the results and place a wager on the next race.

Elray has gone to extensive lenghts to make the game as authentic as possible, having consulted all manner of real people in the horse industry, and making the horses and races as lifelike as they can. In their estimation they have created a game that is completely fair and as close to real world horse racing as possible, while also not being able to deconstructed in any way by handicappers to give them an unfair advantage over the system. Like real horse racing, favorites will win, and favorites will fall, sometimes for seemingly inexplicable reasons (or not at all). If you have a real interest in horse racing, the racing of virtual horses and the ability to bet on them may prove nearly as interesting for you.

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