Could Tactile Screens Impact Future Mobile Casino Games?

August 8, 2014

Microsoft is busy in the lab developing new screen technology that they would like to see added to the screens of their smartphones and tablets in the near future. The technology would allow the screen to deliver different levels of tactile feedback, theoretically allowing a user to manage their way through various processes on their mobile devices without needing to see the screen, so simply as an enhanced way to experience various programs or functions. The uses for the visually impaired would be obvious and immense, while other studies have shown that users were able to type faster on a virtual keyboard that included some sort of tactile feedback, as opposed to one that did not.

Given that developers of online casino games are putting added emphasis on the mobile friendliness of their games, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see them look to incorporate such technology into their offerings in the future. Feedback could be added to games that would allow the users to feel their cards, or feel the pullof the slot machine as they tug on it to set the reels into motion. Different forms of pokie bonus rounds could be crafted that might rely in various ways on that feedback to affect the outcome, or at the very least, the experience of it. Or it could simply be made slightly easier to differentiate the different buttons near to each other on the screen by giving them slightly different feels.

Microsoft is not the only one working on such screens, and the technology may be on the way sooner than later; Fujitsu is preparing to release a tablet early next year that will include haptic technology that can increase the friction between the glass of the screen and your finger, to simulate different levels of tactile feedback, depending on what is on the screen. We may know by as early as next year whether mobile casino game developers plan to hop aboard this interesting new trend in mobile hardware technology.

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